Bungalow Architecture

Bungalow Architecture 1900 - 1935

by Marjorie Lewis 

The term Bungalow comes fromthe word "Bangla," which was the aborigine architecture of Bengal, India. These homes were built to house travelers for short periods of time; it wasn't until a magazine published an article that advertised Bungalows as a means of permanent residence that these homes architecture was then fused with teh ARts and Crafts Movement throughout the American architects (Greene Brothers and Frank Lloyd Write). The bungalow style home is typically 1 - 1 1/2 stories tall, low pitched roof, exposed rafters, open floor plan, and large covered porches with distinguishing columns.


Bungalow column characteristics are comprised of large pedestals typically made out of brick or stone (which coincided with the nature theme), the shaft was manufactured out of wood and was typically square giving a more structural appearance.

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